Soca Asia is the sole distributor of digital audio equipment for SFB Electronics in the regions Indochina and South East Asia. We can supply you with a full range of the latest digital audio supporting products.

SFB Electronics is one of the largest manufactures of digital audio interfaces in the Netherlands and can offer a range of digital audio interfaces from the S/P dif format to the professional AES/EBU format. For use in a home recording studio, music recording studios, radio stations and in television production studios.

We do supply a wide range of products like; D/A interfaces, RME interfaces and Soundcards, Matrixes, CD Recorders, ENG - mixers, Q- cart automation and headphone amplifiers.

Support equipment from SFB you can find in our Ambient Music Solutions (AMS) systems like the professional RME Soundcards and our Music Automation Software.

For more information on our audio product line and specifications, please contact us at Soca Asia, - - or visit the SFB Electronics website!