Year 2006

Disney Channel - Singapore
  Filming of Children celebrating the Rocket Festival in Yasothon

  Promotion spots filmed in HD -- Full production services and Sound engineering
TV Asia, Bangkok - Thailand
  Travel Agency Denmark -- Short TV commercial spots presented from Koh Chaang shot in HDV
TV Asia, Bangkok - Thailand
  ARD TV, Germany -- News feature on the clearing of birdflew in Thailand

Year 2005

Coconut Land & House, Samui - Thailand
  Filming the production of a corporate promotion video
Cameravision, Bangkok - Thailand
  Full production services for Hong Kong production house, Mea Woo
Animal Planet, France
  Documentary about crocodiles in the domestic environment filmed in Nakhon Pathom
Asiahire, Tokyo - Japan
  Telecom TV - England -- Filming the Tokyo telecom conference & supplier of camera gear
e Directors com, Inc., Tokyo - Japan
  Toyota - Japan -- Filming an HD project at the Siam Aisin factory a Toyota car parts maker
Network Media, New South Wales - Australia
  Discovery Channel -- Documentary about tales of survivers of the Tsunami in Asia
TV Asia, Bangkok - Thailand
  ARD TV, Germany -- Full news production on the arrival of the German foreign minister
World Sport, Singapore
  Camera equipment rentals, support equipment and crews for the Asian Open Golf Tour
TV Sweden, Sweden
  Supply of camera equipment
ProActive TV, England
  Filming the World Windsurf competition in Saipan
TV Asia, Bangkok - Thailand
  MTV, Singapore -- Interview with pop star 'Sting' on the eve of his live concert in Bangkok
  Camera equipment rental, support equipment and production service
Infocus Asia, Bangkok - Thailand
  United Nations TV -- Documenting about the improved life situation of the Thai hilltribes
Hikari Productions, Beijing - China/France
  Filming for the duration of 1 year on the Tsunami in south Thailand -- Audio engineering

Year 2004

NCS Group/Thaigem, Chantaburi - Thailand
  Filming 20 days through Madagaskar -- Full equipment services, including crew & operator
NCS Group/Thaigem, Chantaburi - Thailand
  Filming gem mines Cambodia for 7 days -- Full equipment services, including crew & operator
TV Asia, Bangkok - Thailand
  ZDF-ARTE, Germany -- Sound registration documentary on a German living in Rayong
Cameravision, Bangkok - Thailand
  'Look Before You Book' website -- Supply of camera equipment and location filming
TV Asia, Bangkok - Thailand
  ARD-ARTE, Germany -- Sound registration documentary Elephant polo Hua Hin
NCS Group/Thaigem, Chantaburi - Thailand
  Filming Saphire mines Kanchanaburi -- Full production services including crew
Parich International Production, Bangkok - Thailand
  Bandwidth Magazine, Thailand -- Interview Thailand Minister of Information & Technology
Cameravision, Bangkok - Thailand
  Kennetic Video Ltd., Hong Kong -- DVD project filmed on 16x9 Digital Beta
Parich International Production, Bangkok - Thailand
  Telecom TV, London -- Video coverage of AIS mobile contend seminar
Cameravision, Bangkok - Thailand
  CNN Medical News, New York -- Filming Ashly Judd visit AIDS conference Thailand
NGO's & Goverment, Botswana
  Lectures & questionairs -- 2 camera filming AIDS conference
Cameravision, Bangkok - Thailand
  Riz Khan Productions -- Sound registration 3 camera interviews, AIDS conference
Kahawa MultiMedia Productions, Bangkok - Thailand
  Camera equipment rental -- Bangkok Symposium on HIV Medicine
Asiahire, Tokyo - Japan
  Public broadcaster, RTE - Ireland -- News Features, PM Ireland in Japan
MTV - Hong Kong
  Sound equipment rental
Cameravision, Bangkok - Thailand
  For Jim Thompson silk company -- Supply of camera and sound equipment
Asiahire, Tokyo - Japan
  Educational TV, ARD - Germany -- Filming of Charmant factory
NGO: ITRI, Japan - India
  'Youth World Peace Summit Bangkok' -- Documenting 5 day event
Cameravision, Bangkok - Thailand
  Documentary by Brighton Films -- ENG sound and second camera unit
Brighton Films - 'Tales of the Living Death', England
  Documentary -- Production management, location and licensing services

Year 2003

Asiahire, Tokyo - Japan
  Motoshow TV program, RAI - Italy -- Filming Tokyo Motor Show
Asiahire, Tokyo - Japan
  TV coverage, RTI - Italy -- Filming Ferrari team during final Formula 1 race at Susuka
CCMAT - Thailand/Department of National Defence - Canada
  Corporate -- Produced VCD on mine clearing activities
Discovery Channel - Daily Planet, Canada
  Documentary -- Suplied idea and feature footage
Niagara Prosthetics and Orthotics, Canada
  Testing and Interviews recipients -- Research coverage
Capa TV, Paris - France
  Current affairs story -- Filming the feature
Solid Sound, Austria
  Corporate videos -- Translations and sound productions

Year 2002

Spring Hill Farm Studios, Ohio - USA
  'Odysseys & Ovations' PBS Television -- Full production services
Ronan Productions, Thailand
  Television serie on ITV -- Audio consultancy and registration
Indie Films, England/Italy

  Film production services, Equipment rental
Powerhouse Media, Thailand

  Corporate, BTS elevated train system -- Filming for corporate video
Solid Sound, Austria
  Corporate videos -- Translations and sound productions
Swarovski Bangkok, Thailand
  Corporate videos, Training videos -- Sound productions
Powerhouse Media, Thailand

  Hilton Hotel, Hua Hin corporate -- Promotional adventure video, filming only!
Apollo TV, Wales

  Cooking Show -- Scouting, Full production services
TV Wales, Wales

  'Travel Destinations' -- Full production services

Year 2001

Home Builders - Thailand
  Home improvement Television show -- Full productions services
BBC, Londen - England
  Conference coverage -- Equipment rental + Coordination
Wintek Thailand, Bangkok
  Corporate video -- Full production
Swarovski Thailand, Bangkok
  Corporate videos, Training videos -- Sound productions
Solid Sound , Austria
  Corporate videos -- Translations, Sound productions
KLF Productions, Kuwait
  Music TV show -- Full production services + Life Elephant

Before Year 2000 samples

MnE Television, Scotland
  'Eileen Eile in Bangkok' -- Filming TV show
BBC, Dublin - Ireland

  Foreigners in Thailand -- Production coordination
M6, Paris - France

  Inside Movies -- Action movie, 'The Quest'
Geo Nex Productions, Switzerland

  Crop Cultivation corporate
Granite Productions, London - England

  Location Scouting in Thailand