Everyone loves having a good time…but making sure everyone does is not always fun…we do the work, you take the credit! Whether you are a small social group or a large multi-national, we set the stage for events that create lasting impressions. Soca Asia's sister company Sonic Services is a full service entertainment production company providing cutting edge entertainment solutions from concept to completion.

Our team encompasses over 25 years experience in entertainment industries around the globe and delivers the highest quality of entertainment services available to S.E. Asia.

All aspects of event locations, entertainment, staging, lighting, sound, special effects (pyrotechnics, lasers, etc.), including necessary permits, customs regulations, union labour needs, rehearsals, and rider requirements.

Keeping you fully in the Loop

We realize that each project has its own unique needs, that's why throughout the process you'll be working with a Project Team that has the expertise and experience to provide you with a comprehensive project management infrastructure from concept to completion. This helps us logistically execute ideas to ensure the success of your project and allows you the peace of mind of knowing exactly what it will take every step of the way.

Hotels, Nightclubs, Pubs and Restaurants
Event Planners & Booking Agencies
Entertainment Venue Operators
Trade Show and Corporate Entertainment Specialists
Concert, Fair/Festival and Touring Promoters
Night Club Talent Buyers / Entertainment Managers
Entertainment Industry Professionals

With an eye for entertainment and an ear for music, whether your event calls for intimate elegance or cool contemporary ... a guest list large or small... The Soca Asia's -- Sonic Services team will create the unique mood, tone and style you envision for your event or venue.