Music makes a powerful statement in every business. But it works its magic in different ways for different industries. People want more than fine wine or fine linens when they go out for an evening or away for a weekend. They want a total sensory experience. The right atmosphere is essential -- and visuals just aren't enough. Nothing sets the tone like music -- when it's from Soca Asia's music team. We bring our sounds to hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and FM radio. Soca Asia's music team includes FM Radio DJ's, Nightclub DJ's and Music Industry Professionals.

Soca Asia's -- Ambient Music Solutions is an automated single disc playback system programmed to deliver a consistent ambient soundtrack 24 hours a day. AMS is customized to suit your individual business needs.

This is not 'Muzak' (commonly referred to as elevator music or Dentist office malarkey!) Programmed on a 24-hour clock, AMS blends the best elements of modern music to create the perfect mood for whatever the time of day or night.

AMS provides a contemporary soundtrack for your business, creating an ambient environment that can be appreciated on the subtlest levels.

Advantages of AMS

The AMS system is compact and easily connects to your current PA system with a single connection. A backup power unit ensures that the right music is always being played at the right time regardless of power outages or failures. Fully automated means that once your system is plugged in you don't have to do anything more then set the volume and enjoy. Leaving your staff free to perform other vital roles. Music specially selected and sequenced by music professionals means that you and your customers will hear only high quality music that sets your business apart from your competitors. Contact us to find out how we can enhance your ambient environment.

Soca Asia's creative team has extensive entertainment marketing experience and is available to provide support to your project or event no matter how large or small. Whether your need a comprehensive marketing plan developed or a market survey or focus group, our experience team can help you make sure that every angle is covered.

Marketing Services

Market Surveys, Competitive Analysis, Test Marketing, Focus Groups Concept Development, Budgeting Administration, PR and Publicity Ad Copy Writing, Graphic Design / Layout Media Purchasing.